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Weirdings is a podcast that focuses on the Paranormal. Each episode we discuss interesting stories, as well as content submitted by you, the listener. Send us your stories at

Dec 13, 2017

On this Episode Jon and Colin discuss Demons. We talk about Jim Carrey’s new belief system, discuss an odd tale submitted by a paranormal skeptic, share an interview with Demonologist Beverly Fish, and finish off with a demonic encounter submitted by Rebecca.

Contributors this week are Neil, Beverly fish, and Rebecca.

Beverly Fish, is a south Michigan psychic medium and astrologer. She does readings for people who want guidance with life issues, as well as, investigations to help those who encounter negative entities. Beverly is also currently teaching "Developing Your Psychic Ability" and "Ghosts and Demons" at Washtenaw Community College.

Beverly Fish can be contacted by email at:

If you are concerned that you may be experiencing a demonic presence, and would like assistance being connected to someone who can help you, feel free to email us or send us a facebook message and we’ll try to connect you with reputable assistance in your area.